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Go Green Tips

Written by Suze Chalmers

Some of the best Go Green Energy Saving tricks and tips that we’ve discovered to help save energy are:


  1. Turn everything off at the wall when not needed
  2. Change all light bulbs for energy-efficient ones (some savings are long term but worth it!)
  3. Use solar chargers / batteries / panels where possible
  4. Draught proof all windows and doors
  5. Dress in layers (natural fabrics work best) – remove or add as needed – and snuggle up (like the polar bears) for extra warmth (but only in appropriate situations of course ;o )


At home:

  1. Turn off the TV and the computer – go outside and exercise or visit friends (for a double saving)
  2. Eat more raw foods – less cooking saves energy
  3. Try using a solar or thermal slowcooker
    (though solar does work best when it’s not raining cats and dogs!! LOL!)
  4. Put coverings (blinds or curtains) on all windows – this will keep heat in or out as required. Glass is a great conductor, so this where you will lose (wanted) or gain (unwanted) heat!
  5. Isolate rooms that you are heating or cooling – hang a groovy (second-hand) blanket if there isn’t a door


In the office:

  1. Charge a “tax” for lights or computers left on when they shouldn’t be (also works at home with the kids)
  2. Review your energy needs regularly – and be prepared to change processes to help reduce energy
  3. Set up your network to automatically turn off computers etc that don’t need to be on, and to automatically turn on any that must be running before you arrive
  4. Upgrade equipment to the most energy-efficient model as soon as is feasible
  5. Get a combined fax, printer, scanner – one machine, three functions, one third of the energy

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