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Eco Friendly Printer

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Ecoprint – your eco friendly printer

Ecoprint, your Eco Friendly Printer

At Ecoprint, we pride ourselves on providing sustainable and recyclable alternatives to traditional print material, whilst minimising environmental impacts. Our standard paper boasts a grade 4 Green rating and you can be assured that your cards will have no impact on our precious and dwindling rain forests. Our standard paper has the following:
ECF: Elemental Chorine Free
FSC: Forestry Sustainable Certified
Carbon Neutral

We also offer the highest Grade 5 Green rating paper, which, in addition to the above, is 100% recyclable.

Confidence and peace of mind that your advertising and print material is in no way harming our earth.

There are different types of printing inks available for lithographic printing. Inks are made up of various ingredients such as pigments (organic or inorganic) which create the colour, an oil base liquid that is mixed with the pigment and then dries, and a binding agent made of either organic resins or polymers. The two main types of ink used in lithographic printing are described below.


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Graphic design needed?

Ecoprint can graphic design, edit and just make sure everything is picture perfect with your designs. Enquire about our graphic design services. With over 10 years of graphic design experience you can count on us.

Eco Papers and Cards

Ecoprint carefully considers all its papers and cards to ensure an extremely high quality and whiteness is guaranteed, before adding your beautiful designs to them. All our papers and cards also meet our high environmental standards so no natural or old growth forest are affected.